Better Beginnings for Babies

The Better Beginnings for Babies group meets each Wednesday during the school year and offers a space where parents and infants up to one year can feel safe and held in the circle of community.

Becoming the parent of a newborn/infant can be at best a daunting experience. Often new parents feel overwhelmed with responsibility, isolated in their experiences, and inundated with advice.

With in the structure of the Better Beginnings for Babies group meeting, parents and/or caregivers have the time and space to talk about their hopes, concerns, and individual resources. They can play with and observe their children, informally talk about parenting topics and concerns, share ideas and visit. The gift they receive is being listened to and heard. The circle embraces each parent /caregiver for where they are in their individual journey.

Meanwhile, infants are free to experience self-initiated exploration of their own body movements and then the environment around them in the same room. The play space is designed to meet the needs of each individual child enticing them to reach just a little bit further as they are ready.

The group is facilitated and guided by Nancy Macalaster, M.Ed, Parenting Educator.  Special speakers sometimes join the group to share information on particular topics.

Parents who have attended in the past say that the group brought them new information and lasting friends. “What I like most about the baby groups is that they bring parents together and build a community. The baby groups offer a space for parents to give voice to their experiences of parenting the young child – the good, the challenges and the day to day.”