Better Beginnings Parent-Child Program

Better Beginnings Children’s Enrichment Playgroups offer play, social opportunities and activities that naturally support children’s individual needs and developmental abilities.  Playgroups are open and accessible to all families in the community.  Early childhood educators focus their attention on the children in one-to-one or in small groups, and on designing child-friendly space that is warm, inviting, friendly and engaging.  Our teachers follow children’s leads in choosing materials or activities, while also working to introduce new ideas and ways of playing.  Activities offer experiences with toys, dress-ups, homemade play dough, sand, water, music, art, books, foods and cooking, etc. in order to enhance each child’s experience.  Playgroups provide important social opportunities for children, a chance for them to be together and learn to communicate and cooperate. The playgroups are for children between the ages of eighteen months and five years.

Better Beginnings Parent Groups are offered to parents during the same time as the children’s enrichment playgroups.  Once the parent and child are comfortable separating, parents will meet separate from the children for discussions on parenting topics of interest.  Parent Group educator, Carol Lunan, introduces topics such as relationships and relationship building; communication; attachment and bonding; early learning; child development; and/or any number of parenting topics such as toilet training, feeding and nutrition, etc.  Each morning, time is set aside for “checking in” with parents, offering the opportunity to discuss parenting and other challenges in a supportive, confidential, trusting environment.  Parent groups are open and accessible to all families in the community.