Community Wood Bank


Ben Woodbank 2015Firewood is available at The Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center in Antrim on  a short-term, urgent basis for area families and individuals who use wood as a primary heat source and cannot afford to buy it. The Community Wood Bank at The Grapevine is open Monday through  Friday 9am to 1pm during winter, or by appointment. Call 588-2620.

Due to a limited supply of firewood, the wood bank is intended for urgent and emergency use only. The Grapevine also assists callers with long-term heating resources through the Southern NH Services fuel and electric assistance program.

The wood bank serves residents of Antrim,  Bennington, Hancock and nearby towns, and runs on donated wood and volunteer labor.

 Lisa Woodbank 2015Call 588-2620 to be a part of the Community Woodbank Team! Isaac & Ben Woodbank 2015